Our Story

The pharmacy industry today is inundated with Wall Street speculation, venture capitalists, and publicly traded companies prioritizing "stock price" and investor "ROI" over customer service. We are taking a different approach. A concierge pharmacy model where quality and customers service come first.  We are a small, family-owned and locally staffed pharmacy. We do not answer to shareholders, we answer to our customers.

We eschew corporate bureaucracy in order to retain the agility you need you pharmacy partner to have. If you have an issue or request, you won't even need to call us, we'll be looking in on you often to assure your needs are completely and promptly satisfied. Our goal is to not outgrow our ability to spoil our customers. We are capping our bed count to assure we can provide the best service at the most reasonable price for the long term. So come, give us a try and see what you've been missing.

Kip Linger

Kip is a 2nd generation pharmacist. His father owned and operated a small town pharmacy (complete with soda fountain). Kip has worked in long term care for two decades, and holds a graduate degree in pharmacy, business and a degree in law. His expertise can help with compliance as well as prescriptions.

Ramesh Singh

Ramesh has worked with Kip and Izzy for many years. Tired of being hamstrung by giant corporate pharmacies beholden to shareholders, he opted to take the more personalized approach to pharmacy management and has never looked back. He has over a decade of experience in Long Term Care in several states.

Izzy Ramos-Goodwin

Izzy has worked in pharmacy for 14 years and long term care for the last 11. She is wonderful with patients and doctors alike. She is an expert in training, compounding, and expedited service. Expect to see her at you facility checking on nurses frequently. She earned her PharmD and also is licensed as a consultant pharmacist.